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We specialize in maintenance of exterior surfaces like decks, brick pavers,
stone, concrete, exposed aggregate & masonry.

Are you searching for an experienced pressure washing company in Oakland County, MI? Since 1990 we’ve specialized maintenance of exterior surfaces like decks, brick pavers, stone, concrete, exposed aggregate & masonry. As a Rochester Hills, MI pressure washing company, we take pride in protecting our environment. This is why we utilize biodegradable cleaning agents, which do not cause damage to the environment.

Our list of exterior services for Oakland County, Michigan:

Deck Cleaning & Sealing
We can make your old worn out deck look new again by restoring it’s natural appearance once again. Application of an oil based sealer TWP will maintain the color you desire while protecting wood from decay caused by the elements.

Composite Deck Cleaning & Sealing
If you have maintenance free deck you have probably discovered that dirt & stains are a problem. We remove stubborn stains like mold, mildew, algae & grease & apply a sealer to help prevent recurrence of stains in the future.

Brick Paver Cleaning & Sealing
Maintenance cleaning, re-filling sand & sealing should be done every 2-3 years. Cleaning removes weeds, moss, dirt & stains. Joints are filled with sand & sealed to enhance the color, beauty, and durability& stain resistance.

Stamped Concrete Cleaning & Sealing
If your decorative concrete surface looks dull or cloudy it’s probably time for maintenance. You should clean & seal the surface with a clear acrylic every 2-3 years. Sealer needs to be applied regularly to prevent damage to concrete & color fading caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing
we can make old, dirty concrete look brand new again by removing years of dirt, grime & stains. Sealing concrete keeps it looking clean & new.

Exposed Aggregate Cleaning & Sealing
Concrete with stones mixed in is known as aggregate. Cleaning and sealing will transform the look of the surface creating a glossy finish with vibrant stone colors in the concrete which previously looked dull.

Stone Cleaning & Sealing
We clean & remove stains from all types of exterior stone such as limestone, bluestone, flagstone, grindstone & slate. Our sealing process offers lasting protection against water penetration & stains.

Siding Washing
We use an eco-friendly, low-pressure “soft washing” technique that cleans all types of siding without damage. Removes dirt, mildew, mold & stains.

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Surface Restoration Products

We ship orders to 48 continguous states via UPS GROUND


Safely removes calcium oxide and white haze from new brick pavers, stone, concrete and masonry surfaces.


A penetrating clear acrylic sealer, 25% solids, which provides a high gloss color enhancing appearance to brick pavers, stamped concrete & exposed aggregate surfaces.


Penetrating clear acrylic sealer, creates a semi-gloss look, seals and protects pavers, stamped colored concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces.


Penetrating Water Based Non-Glossy Sealer To Protect Exterior Brick, Stone, Concrete, Masonry, Grout, Tile, Terra Cotta Surfaces.

Brick Paver Maintance

Brick Paver Maintance

Brick Paver Maintance

Brick Paver Maintance

Brick Paver Maintance

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